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To Divisive Attrition System Of Battlefield 5

For all you Battlefield 5 fans out there, here’s a really interesting bit of information for you. The game’s developer, EA, is making changes to the ‘Attrition System’ that is showcased in the beta version of the game, the one where players sometimes spawn without full ammo or health.

If you look at the previous Battlefield games, then you will find that after each encounter you were always quickly back at status quo after the restoration of full ammo and health. In the case of Battlefield 5 now, well, the situation will not entirely be the same. In fact, the situations are going to be special after each encounter. You will find that now you might not have full health or ammo like before, so you will have to act in accordance.

That being said, the simple act of rushing for the next flag might not be enough. You might even have to change your tactic. For instance, in the case of being down to your last mag, you might wish to ask yourself if you need to play it safe, or perhaps engage in battle with those two enemies that you have a clear shot on.

The idea, contrary to what people might think, is not to make the game harder, but to actually make the users more tactical and mindful of how they are playing and the way that they are going to interact with their squad members. For example, you will find that The Medic will not merely heal players as it normally does, but it will also provide supplies of Medical Pouches that are used to restore the players to full health. You will also find that ammo can be literally scrounged from dead enemies, and people who are constantly in the habit of settling in one place will actually have to move around, to get that ammo.

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The Changes In The Attrition System

Of course, some changes in this Attrition System have been made on account of the reaction of the users to the beta version. This reaction was inherently mixed. There were some people who liked it, while others did not. However, both sides did concede that the dearth of ammo and health, actually forces the players to stay together if they want to survive. The actual debate here would be centered on the tactics that are involved to make it work, and the ability of working together as a team to combat the enemy.

It is a given that Medics and Supports now have to be conscious of their surroundings, in order to survive. Now, the medics have to pay attention to the health of others and supports have to do the same with ammo. A real bonus here is the fact that both of them can now build fortifications, which make for a really great addition. That being said, it is logical that players now pay attention to others as well, and not only to themselves.

Luckily for you Battlefield fans, the Attrition system has been dialed down from its beta version, and in the final version you will get more ammo and even a medical pouch. That being said, you will not be dying at the same speed in the final game. You will bleed out at a faster rate, and that means you’re going to be revived a lot faster. You will also be able to see your squad mates making those pleas for help in the aftermath of their having being downed, more easily. Also, beta users found that sometimes it was difficult to spot enemies, so a distance haze is being added to counter the same.

Another bonus is, you will get to see a far diverse gamut of vehicles in the abridged version of the game. Also, you will be able to ensure you inflict some really intense damage to them on account of the new feature ‘systemic damage’, that will let you zone in on select parts of the vehicles that you wish to inflict that damage on.

Also, there is going to be a superior degree of agility as far as planes in the new version of the game are concerned, and what’s more, there will be a superior level of vision for pilots who will now be able to scour enemies from a tangible distance. There are even some really cool new flares that were not in the initial installment that will be in the final version of the game.

All in all, the changes to the Attrition system pack a punch; clearly good reason for all you Battlefield fans to play the game.

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