Can Konami

Make A Breakthrough With Castlevania?

For all you Konami fans out there, there is reason to celebrate. Castlevania is back.

So, will this game be able to get Konami into the limelight? There is plenty of competition out there, and it needs to pack a punch to stand out. It doesn’t have a release date as of now, but users out there can sign up for a Japanese closed-beta test.

You will see that the new story is set in a time when the infamous Count Dracula has been completely destroyed. In fact, there was even a time when there was peace, but a letter that is delivered to Genya Arikado has thrown things into a frenzy. It is now believed that Count Dracula will be back. That’s terrible news, but not necessarily for the gamers, of course, who want to see the Count back in action.

In this story you will find that Genya Arikado is the protagonist and Lucy play his support. There are also characters from the previous Konami games that can be used; characters like Simon and Alucard, with an emphasis on ‘pairs’.

If you see the profile of Alucard in this version of the game, he is a mysterious character who is working for a top-secret government agency. He is in fact the only person who has the power to defeat Dracula. Another interesting thing to note here is the fact that he has unearthly looks and yet is unsociable and difficult to approach.

As far as Lucy is concerned, her young age doesn’t seem to come in the way of her being a highly successful research magician. She plays the role of supporting Arikado and the company in the fight against Grimoire. It is at her very laboratory that Arikado and company are staying, in the course of this game.


Why Castlevania 2 Should Do Better Than Its Predecessor?

Of course, since its failure in the year 2014, a lot of people have been skeptical where it comes to the future of Castlevania. However, the good news now is that there is a Netflix series of Castlevania that is currently running, and that might just pique the interest of several people out there who are watching the show, where it comes to actually playing the game. In fact, the show might do lot more for the game that one might comprehend. Netflix has a large customer base and the number of people who are watching the Castlevania show will surely be huge. Besides, the show is believed to be really nice and that only serves to add to the overall mystique of playing the game.

Needless to say, the fact remains that Castlevania is Konami’s most popular game, and it is most dear to any seasoned Nintendo player. Of course, it was the disappointing fan reaction the game Castlevania: Lord of the Shadows 2 that had placed the development of the next Castlevania game in limbo, at least until now. While it will not be coming out for play on consoles, it will be available for gaming for iPhone users. That at least spells happiness for all those who love the Konami game and have iPhones. You never know, it might just come to their platforms as well in the near future.



Interesting Facts About The New Castlevania

In this new game you will see that there is now a focus on four-player co-p and competitive play. It seems to have the same Side-scrolling kind of gameplay that is seen in Symphony of the night and even the GBA trilogy. The difference between this game and the latter is that it has 2.5D visuals instead of the hand drawn 2D visuals.

There are even classic tracks from the series that have been introduced, and you will even be able to bring the dead back to life on account of using special powers.

Even though this game is designed to be played solely on smartphones, you will see that with the vast amount of mobile titles that are being adapted to the Switch platform, there is a high probability that it will be available for play on the Nintendo console sometime soon.

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